Life can be juggling act. Life can be a roller coaster. Life can be a merry-go-round that goes faster and faster without stopping. Sometimes, it feels like all three!

As a mom, wife, and business owner my goal this year was to stay focused. Staying focused is relatively simple when you’re handling one or two items, but when you have multiple competing priorities, it can take a while before you learn how to manage them effectively.

To stay on top of the daily challenge of managing multiple projects I began making lists. You could say that I am a “lists” type of person. Lists are good. Lists can be extremely helpful in organizing your thoughts, duties, and tasks, but what I didn’t plan for was the constant feeling of being overwhelmed and unaccomplished. Why was I feeling this way? I had my lists!

Then it hit me like the proverbial “ton of bricks!” I was writing EVERYTHING I needed to do on ONE list. As a consequence, the list never got completed. Why? It was all on ONE list. One continuous never-ending list. No wonder I was feeling overwhelmed!

My frustration with this one long list brought me to a revolutionary idea that ended in the creation of a list that was modified, yet simple. Layered, yet streamlined. I realized that within the one list I had to designate different projects different ways. For instance, I had to prioritize between my priorities and put the most urgent priorities at the top of the list. I had to ask myself the question, “What has to be done today and what can wait?” That gave my to-do list priority in terms of days, times, etc. The ONE list wasn’t the problem, it was that everything thing on the list shared equal importance.

Once I learned the secret of delegating my time it immediately changed the way I made lists. The first time I actually checked off everything on my list I didn’t know what to do with myself. So, now that I’ve worked out all the kinks and tightened up the loose ends I want to share a few of my lists with you. It’s my gift to you and hopefully it will help you begin the new year right – with more efficiency and effectiveness in your daily tasks. Here’s a quick peek of what you’ll be getting!

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