My name is Kisha. I’m a mom who joyfully juggles my design business, husband, and two kids.

I have 21 years of expertise in branding, illustration, web designing, animation, and layout design. I’ve also had the opportunity to provide my services to individuals, businesses (both large and small), churches, schools, community clubs, non-profits, etc.

My passion for computers and graphic design began when I was in junior high school. I would do freehand drawing in my spare time and would create designs on my computer for my family and got hooked on learning new programs. While in college I expanded my knowledge and skills as a Computer Science major and, following graduation, I worked in the marketing department as a Creative Design Specialist for a credit union. Shortly after that I accepted a teaching position to instruct students in Web and graphic design.

As my creativity and knowledge expanded through reading anything I could find on Web design, marketing, and graphic design, I realized that I had gained invaluable experience that could create amazing images that have ultimate impact for individuals and businesses.

What is truly remarkable about what I do is that I get to do what I love and get a front row seat to see others grow and flourish as they pursue their dreams.

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