My Work Process

I have a detailed work process that allows me to deliver a final project that will make a HUGE impact on your company.

Project Questionnaire

Fill out my Project Request Form so I can learn about your goals, vision, and inspiration. Once I receive all the information I need to deliver a successful project, I’ll quickly follow up with an estimate via email.

Proposal Agreement

You’ll receive a Design Proposal that outlines the details of your project that you can easily e-sign online. Then once I receive your 50% deposit, you’ll be added to my production schedule.


During this phase I take your goals, target audience and ideas and I explore various concepts. I narrow these concepts down to a few final concepts based on what will be the most effective for your goals. I also provide a link or attachment to view the suggested concepts. This ensures that I am on the right track with your goals and allows the project to run smoothly.

Final Edits

I’ll take your suggestions from the previous step and continue to perfect your project. Even once this process is complete, I’ll spend extra time tweaking the finer details to ensure a high quality final result.

Final Presentation

Your project will be provided to you in an online presentation that shows the completed mockups for you to view. All the decisions made are explained to demonstrate how they best serve your goals.

Project Completion

You will receive a final invoice and a Final Project Approval that can be e-signed to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of the project. Once the final payment has been received your project will be electronically delivered to you, or, in the case of a web development project, it will be uploaded to your hosting server.