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Creative Retainer Packages

Is a creative retainer right for you?
Meeting the communication design needs of your business can be tricky. If your communication design needs vary throughout the year, arise unexpectedly, or you have ongoing needs for design services that don’t require having a designer on staff, a creative retainer might be the perfect solution for your business.

What is a creative retainer?
A creative retainer is a 12-month agreement between your business and ours that allows you to contract for as few as 4 hours of service per month. A creative retainer gives you instant access to a wide range of professional graphic design services minus the overhead associated with a permanent employee.

What are the advantages of a creative retainer?
By entering a creative retainer agreement, you can save on graphic design services. The more hours you commit to, the lower your hourly rate is. With a creative retainer, K-Designs reserves your retainer time exclusively for you, so even if you have rush work, or an unplanned need, our creative staff can respond to your needs immediately.

For multiple small projects, you can take advantage of your combined work volume, and avoid the need to seek estimates, manage multiple contracts, and pay multiple invoices. A creative retainer can also stabilize your monthly services budget.

What services are included in a creative retainer?
Graphic design, strategic consulting, and email template design are all included in our creative retainer agreements. You can roll unused hours into the following month. Rollover hours expire at the end of the second month, In the last month of the agreement, unused hours are forfeited. Hours in excess of the monthly agreement are billed at the retainer rate.

What services are not included in a creative retainer agreement?
A creative retainer does not cover expenses like web development, printing, stock photography licensing, and subcontractor fees. We will consult with you before beginning work to identify any fees or costs that may be billed in addition to your creative retainer agreement.

Will I receive an accounting of my hours?
Each month, K-Designs will prepare a report that shows all of the time we’ve spent on your projects.

You create your package by choosing the number of monthly design hours. K-Designs offers packages ranging from 4 hours to 40 hours per month at a rate of $70.00 per hour. For example, our 4-hour package costs just $280.00 per month with a one-year agreement.

See the chart below.

2 hour Package $75/hour
4 hour Package $70/hour
10 hour Package $65/hour
20 hour Package $60/hour
30 hour Package $55/hour
40 hour Package $50/hour

*Monthly retainer deposits are due at the beginning of each month.

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