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Law Offices of LaJoi Murray-Onic Branding Project - K-Designs

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Law Offices of LaJoi Murray-Onic


Law Office


As a startup, the Law Offices of LaJoi Murray-Onic faced the challenge of establishing a brand identity without a clear direction. Initially uncertain of what they wanted, they needed a partner who could guide them through the creative process and craft a professional and beautiful brand from the ground up. The goal was not only to create a logo but to develop a comprehensive brand identity that would encapsulate the essence of their newly established law firm.

The Creative Journey

The project kicked off with sketches that captured the essence of the firm’s spirit. The chosen color scheme was distinctive and sophisticated, featuring a palette of deep purples and grays that stand out in the corporate legal landscape. The Sitka font was selected for its readability and professional feel, complementing the brand's message.

The Outcome

The final design delivered a branding package and business cards that not only stood out visually but also resonated with the firm’s target clientele. The refreshed brand identity now effectively communicates the firm's dedication to legal excellence and client success.

Check out what our client had to say!

LaJoi Murray-Onic
Initially, I was reluctant to use K-designs for my logo and business needs, because I really wasn't sure what I wanted. I just knew I wanted it to look professional and beautiful. K-designs took on the challenge of having me as a client and put me at ease. I was able to go through a few designs and discuss what I liked and/or disliked about them. From there, I was able to offer a bit of input and come to a decision on a final design. Now, I not only have a logo, I have a brand. I am grateful for K-Design/Kisha for being so patient with me and walking me through this process. It was pleasant experience and I will highly recommend her services to anyone who has business needs and wants it done professionally.
LaJoi Murray-Onic - Owner of Law Offices of LaJoi Murray-Onic
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