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VIP Design Day

An Exclusive VIP Design Day Just for YOU!

If your current website looks outdated, your branding assets need updating, you're working within a tight budget, or you urgently need a one-page website, these scenarios make you an ideal candidate for my VIP Design Day service. This service is specifically structured to efficiently address and transform your design needs in a focused, single-day session.

Hire Me For A Day

$875 – $1750
VIP Design Day Overview
  • Can usually work you in within 2-4 weeks of inquiry
  • Accomplish a list of your to-dos in a single work day or session
  • 1 meeting, to-do list decided, & homework completed prior to start
  • My transparent process shares a private checklist you can see updated, live, as I work through your tasks 
  • Includes all final graphics & created/edited image files
  • No surprise invoices!
  • 1 week of email support following the day 
  • Payment plan available for booking 2+ weeks out 
Most Popular

Full day: 8 hours ($1750)

Split days: two, 4 hour days ($875 + $875)

Half day: 4 hours ($875)

What's Not Included?
  • All requests must be completable within the booked time
      • You will prioritize the tasks that are most important to you & I’ll work on those first
      • Anything else can be tackled afterward if there’s time leftover
  • App fees, font licenses, plugins for new features, or other third-party tools
  • Language for any required website legalese (privacy policy, etc) or their edits/customization