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Web Design & Development

Custom Web Development Services 

Looking for a custom website that truly represents your brand and meets all your business needs? My Custom Web Development service offers just that. I focus on creating unique, high-performance websites tailored specifically to your business goals and user needs. From intricate e-commerce solutions to simple, elegant informational sites, I ensure your online presence is powerful and distinctive, built on the latest technologies and design trends. Let K-Designs help you stand out in the digital crowd with a website that's uniquely yours.

Landing Page

A one-page landing page is an excellent starting point if you're looking to quickly establish your online presence and begin converting visitors into customers.

  • We’ll collaborate to pinpoint your ideal clients and design a landing page that effectively increases lead generation


A microsite is a compact, specialized website designed to focus on a specific objective or campaign. My microsites consist of three carefully designed pages that deliver a streamlined and targeted user experience.

  • Three mobile-responsive website pages, ensuring a seamless user experience on any device. 
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to enhance your site’s visibility and drive more targeted traffic.

Custom Website Design

Maybe you’ve DIY’d your current website or your business has grown and it’s time for an overhaul to reflect where you are right now.

  • We’ll work together so that you have complete clarity on who your perfect match clients are for your area of expertise and create the visual foundation for your brand identity - colour palette, fonts, and logo suite.


Colour palette creation using colour psychology best practices. You’ll receive a full suite of logo assets including main logo, secondary logo, submark logo, and browser favicon.

SEO Optimized Blog

SEO best practices apply to your blog as much as it does to the rest of your site. Let’s make sure your blog is SEO optimized by correctly using key design elements that score you points with Google.

E-Commerce Setup

Have physical or digital products you’d like to sell? Let’s set up your digital shop for success whether you’re selling everyday products, workshops, group training programs, or therapy retreats.

Membership Areas

Looking to add paid memberships for premium resources to your site? We’ll work together to build a membership area that’s easy for your clients to navigate and find just what they need to support their mental health journey.

Professional Copywriting

Save your time by having a professional copywriter write ALL of your website content in your brand voice.