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Website Audit

Assess your website's design, content, SEO, and overall functionality.

If you're not ready for a full website overhaul but recognize the need for some updates, and you're unsure where to begin, I can help guide and prioritize improvements to enhance your site effectively.

Website Audit

$ 375
What's included in a Website Audit?
  • Recorded website assessment that includes an in-depth analysis of your site design, copywriting, and SEO
  • A written summary of your website audit with a detailed action plan
  • 60-minute review call
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What are the benefits of a Website Audit?

Audits help you identify any gaps within your site design, seo, and copy. While your marketing funnels potential clients to your site, the goal most expect of their site is to convert those visitors into paying clients.

Design Best Practices

Are you correctly using various design elements on your site? One of the most common mistakes I see clients make on a website they’ve done themselves is improper use of their headings and paragraph text.

Other common mistakes? Image sizing, buttons, not making it easy for potential clients to book a session with you, and many more.

SEO isn’t limited to specific words you use on your site. Search engines like Google will ding you if you overuse keywords in a way that’s unnatural. SEO is also effected by the use of various design elements throughout your site.