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Why You Need to Secure Your Website NOW!

In a nut shell, an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology.

In a nutshell, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is like the digital bouncer of your website. It verifies your website’s identity and encrypts data sent to the server, making it safe and secure.

For years, Google has been nudging website owners towards HTTPS encryption. You’ve probably seen it in action—the green ‘secure’ padlock icon in your browser, signifying that the website is safe. Initially, this was a must for e-commerce and login-heavy sites dealing with sensitive info. But here’s the kicker: Google has been urging all websites to make the move to HTTPS. Secure sites are even getting a boost in search engine rankings.

Now, brace yourself: Google’s Chrome browser is taking it a step further. Non-HTTPS websites will be labeled as ‘not secure.’ In simple terms, if your website lacks an SSL certificate, Chrome will shout to users, “Warning! This site isn’t trustworthy!” Not exactly the first impression you want to make on visitors.

My advice? Secure your site pronto. Make it your top priority. Contact your hosting provider, inquire about their SSL certificate options and prices. Some hosts offer free SSL certificates with your hosting package. And guess what? With our Website Care Packages, you not only get a free SSL certificate but also top-notch monitoring and regular updates for your website.

Don’t wait. Keep your visitors safe and your website trusted—lock it down with SSL now!